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Selected Experience

Genetic Assays

Our experience with bio-assays includes many different approaches to reading tags quickly - including single molecule fluorescence & multiplexed tags.


Illumination Design, Power Delivery, and Imaging


​From laser power delivery for surgical and dental applications to LED lighting and illumination to controlling lighting for high speed video, we know how to get light in the right place in the right way.


Robotics & Embedded


From bootstrapped microcontrollers running a custom RTOS to custom Linux kernels for embedded ARM processors; we've built a range of systems from the ground up.

Blood Glucose

We've helped develop and/or build several systems aimed at measuring serum levels of glucose, including those using characteristic fluorescence, optical rotation/ORD, and scatterometry.


Fluid Flow

We have built numerous systems for measuring fluid flow in a number of ways, including very low flow rates (uL/min) and dynamic concentration measurements in flowing solutions (all optical, of course). 

Fiber Communications

Shown below is a 10 Gigabit "everything including the kitchen sink" network interface circuit we developed which can aggregate Ethernet, video, serial protocols (RS-232/CAN/USB), and analog sensor data.  Using a no-host ring fiber network and ruggedized circuitry, this design is ready for action, but we've built many others like it, too.


Image Processing

We've solved real-world problems in computer-aided surgery, industrial processing, and drug delivery, to name a few.


Fluorescence imaging, fluorescence lifetime, phase contrast, compact instruments, even scanning near-field optical microscopy!  Microscopy and fluorescence are old friends to us!



Whether it's optical sensors for temperature, strain, or displacement, or MEMS accelerometers, or a vast array of electronic sensors, we have a wealth of experience in turning the physical parameters of our world into electronic signals.


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