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We're optics guys.  And a lot more.
Geometric Optical Design


Lenses, illumination, low light, high contrast, confocal, afocal, adaptive, and many more.  We use Zemax for optical models when appropriate.  Sometimes a model can tell you a great deal about a system, sometimes not.

We've built 100s of imaging, non-imaging, power delivery, microscope (the list goes on...) systems. 

Optical Materials


Semiconductors, glasses, polymers...  UV/Vis/IR - got a problem you want to try to tackle with MWIR chalcogenides?  Yep, done that.  III-V semiconductor lasers?  Sure!

You might not need ultra-stable composites for a space telescope, but you might want to tap into our decades of experience in spectroscopy and optical analysis.  Either way, we're here.



Whether your system involves integrated optics, optical fiber, nonlinear devices, or something else, we can help.  Our experience spans the range of fiber communications and sensing systems, as well as integrated optics for lasers, optical amplifiers, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, and much more!




Fluorescence, reflectance, polarimetry, evanescent modes (waveguide, resonant coupling), scattering of many flavors, Fourier transform spectroscopy, ellipsometry, waveguide & free space communications, optical sensors, optical processing. 

Embedded Systems

Where it all comes together is often the algorithm to take that optical information and turn it into something you and your clients can use. 

Whether it's a simple microcontroller system doing some simple spectral analysis or software lock-in, or an FPGA running a multi-channel digital signal processor, we can help with making sense of those photons, too.


Optics guys and mechanical guys working together can often bring out the best of both disciplines.  But optomechanics isn't just about making everything thermally and vibrationally stable.

Design for manufacture, in particular how to reduce touch labor and streamline QA for optical systems, can go straight to your bottom line.  And yes, Senator, we do know DFM.


Low noise, high speed, and, of course, low power - the challenges continue!  From systems to count just a few photons to systems that shoot them out at 10 GHz or more, we're ready to help tackle your latest hurdle.




Medical, biotech, consumer, military, communications.  Relevant regulatory standards including ISO, FDA/GMP, CE/UL/RoHS.

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