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Our Team


COE has experts in many areas of optics (geometric, physical, diffractive, etc.) as well as in optoelectronic and optomechanical systems design.

The talents of our affiliates spans the range of engineering and design, software, materials and processes, and extends into manufacturing, business development, marketing, and regulatory affairs.



COE provides product, technology, and process development, engineering/scientific consulting, and expert services to a range of markets from medical and biotechnical to consumer to communications.

COE has helped with early stage design for both small start ups and large firms, across a spectrum of disciplines and applications.

Contact Us

1 760 440 7956

Escondido Office
California Optical Engineering

355 W. Grand Ave. Ste. 4
Escondido, CA 92025



inquiries [at] calopten (dot) com

Areas of Expertise

Optics - Physical & Geometric

Spectroscopy & Microscopy

Software, Firmware, Embedded

Medtech & Biotech




Optical Materials

Electronics, Mechanics

Industrial, Design for Manufacture



Sensors, Control Systems

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